Spring Fever for a Worthy Cause - NYWC

Last Friday night, I attended the Spring Fever fund raising party for the New York Writers Coalition.  This wonderful non-profit organization was founded by a good friend Aaron Zimmerman.  NYWC offers a wide range of free writing workshops throughout New York City.  It provides a safe haven for those who normally don't have a voice in the society.  To really understand the impact of NYWC and their mission please watch the wonderful video above so you could learn more about the amazing work they are doing.

I volunteered to be a hosting committee member for the Spring Fever party because I really believe in this wonderful organization and I want to help as much as I could.  Therefore, I volunteered to secure some beverage and food sponsors.  First I want to thank my friend/colleague Greg Barnard for introducing me the contact to our beverage sponsors.  I owe you one!  Iceberg Vodka and LiBella Wine by Steve Shaw Junior provided some of the party's beverages, and I was so impressed with our in-house mixologist, Renata, who came up with such delicious cocktails inspired by Iceberg Vodka.  I also would like to thank Jarlsberg Cheese and Woolwich Dairy for donating a generous variety of cheeses for all to enjoy.  After all, how could you have a great cocktail party without cocktails and cheeses!

There was also a silent auction where many donated their arts, jewelries, services for guests to bid on.  I donated a three-course private dinner for two for the auction.  I had the pleasure of meeting the winners prior to the announcement.  They had such great energies, and were thrilled for me to cook for them.  I can't wait to plan the menu, and I know for sure it'll be a fun night.  The party was a success as many volunteers, friends and staff came together to make it happen; specifically Rose Gorman of NYWC who is a super woman that organized if not all then most of the details of the party.  Great night!

Now that you've learned more about the NYWC, I encourage you to support them.  They are always looking for funding opportunities. You could also support them by purchasing tickets and attend some of the upcoming events or simply help me spread the word about their efforts.  They need all the support that they can get and would be happy to have yours.  Please feel free to share the video to your friends and families to spread the word about NYWC. 

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