Toast of the Town

Paella Estilo Libre
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Wine Enthusiast Magazine hosts an annual wine and food tasting event which was held on Monday night at David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. It is a spectacular space and this year there are over 500 samplings of wine and spirits from around the world (not sure anyone could possibly taste them all). Thirty restaurants from the city were also there, and they prepared samples of some of their signature dishes.

I tried so hard to taste all the dishes, but ultimately I was only able to sample 20 out of 30 dishes from the restaurants that were represented last night. Even though it's a wine event, the food did not take a back seat. Among my favorites were the Paella Estilo Libre: Conch Coconut Paella with Sea Urchin Espuma by Rayuela and the Kona-crusted Tenderloin with Roasted Shallot Butter by the Capital Grill. Check out some of the dishes I got to taste at this event. Yum, it was certainly a toast of the town with all the wine but also a taste of the town!

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