Get Ready for Pig Island 2013

25 chefs 80 local pigs is the theme of each year's Pig Island event.  This year is no different. Yesterday, some of the chefs gathered once again at the Union Square Greenmarket to pick up their pigs from Flying Pigs Farm so they can start preparing for the event on Saturday.  I am always excited to hear what the chefs will be making, and I'm eager to taste all of the dishes.  Luckily I only have to wait a couple of more days.

Other than all the various pork dishes, there will be a vegetarian station.  I spoke with Tim Cavaretta of Bittegreen, and they'll be making a kohlrabi rainbow carrot slaw, poached apples, celery root with maple spiced pecan.  Greenmarket Co. is donating a portion of the produce from local growers.  Other than all the amazing food, there will be beer from Sixpoint Brewery, New York State wine from the North Fork and the Finger Lakes.  Live bands, live butchering and cooking demos.  All inclusive tickets are still available so come have a great time on Pig Island in Red Hook, Brooklyn; and support our local farmers, chefs, brewers and vintners.  You can get your tickets here:  In case you still need convincing, here's my recap of last year's Pig Island to get a glimpse of what to expect for this Saturday.

Chef Danny Mena of Hecho en Dumbo will be making a Yucantan Style Relleno de Negro.  Posing with the host Jimmy Carbone of Jimmy's No. 43 and Food Karma Project
Billy Fletcher and Pit Master Matt Fisher of Fletcher's Brooklyn BBQ is making a Ginger & Soy Pork with Chick Pea Salsa 

Chef Michael Jenkins of Butter NYC - He and his team made a delicious Bacon Caramel Cookie last year, and this year he's planning to make another dessert.  Can't wait to try it!
Chef Will Horowitz of Ducks Eatery is making Crispy Pig Ear Lettuce Wrap with Smoke Liver and Fermented Chow Chow
Chef Joe Dobias of Joe & Misses Doe is making his version of a Burrito
Chef Evan Hanczor of Parish Hall had me at Pig Skin Noodles!
Chefs Zarela Martinez and Tyson Ho (Arrogant Swine) will be partnering up to make a stuffed whole pig in the style of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca.  This is going to be a treat!   

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