About Me

I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in New York City.  I owed my passion for food to my grandfather as he introduced me to all types of cuisines when I was a little girl.  I love to eat and have an enormous appetite. I'm always thinking about what my next meal will be and get excited when I eat something extraordinary. That can be a simple bowl of noodle soup to an extravagant dinner at one of the finest restaurants. 

I also enjoy cooking and received my culinary degree at the Institute of Culinary Education, ICE, in New York City.  Immediately after graduation, I interned under Chef Anita Lo, at her critically acclaimed fine dining restaurant Annisa in NYC.  I also founded this blog to share my passion for cooking and eating.  To learn more about my food adventures, follow me @savorysweetlive on Twitter and Instagram or like me on my Facebook Page Savory Sweet Living.

I am available to cook for private events or parties; if interested, please contact me via email at 

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