Cookie Swap - The Ultimate Cookie Party

As the holiday season begins, many are baking special treats and traditional holiday cookies.  I was especially excited this year to bake since I was invited to my first-ever cookie swap that was organized by Chris & Karen from The Peche, Maggie from Three Many Cooks, Gail from One Tough Cookie and Abby Dodge.

The idea of this swap is brilliant as each person is responsible to bake and bring 3 dozen cookies of their choice.  As a novice baker, I was a bit intimidated by all the experienced bakers that will be at the swap so I decided I would make something that I made in the past - Pecan Balls.  This cookie is relatively easy to make and I know they are especially tasty. After all, you can't go wrong with butter and pecans.
The cookie swap was such a blast, not only did I had the pleasure of eating some amazing cookies but the best part was to meet new food bloggers in person and reacquaint with those whom I already met.  It was definitely nice to get together with people who share your passion and celebrate with cookies.  In addition to all the fun at the party, I was able to bring home dozens of cookies afterward which was definitely an added incentive.  So for this holiday season if you are thinking about baking some cookies, why not get together with your friends and families and have your own cookie swap.  To inspire you to bake, please see the recipe links to some of the cookies we had at the swap at the end of this post.

What an incredible spread!
Hope you try some of these amazing cookie recipes and Happy Baking! 

Chocolate Bite with Candy Kisses
Salted Praline Batons
Black & White Kisses
Peppermint Crusted Chocolate Candy Cane
Nutella Chip Cookies with Homemade Nutella Chips
Mint Choclate Grasshopper Squares
Chocolate Chunk with Pecans & Walnut Cookies
Oatmeal Yogurt Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookes
Jam-Filled Bow Tie Cookies
Peppermint Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


  1. This sound like a great time!! Who doesn't want to go to a cookie swap. I 'am not a baker so this might be a problem for me...your recipe sounds delicious!! Happy Holidays!!

  2. aww, i missed out on this because i had to go out of town for the day... many hours of driving. well, maybe next time.

  3. I'm a cookie fanatic. I'm following the links here immediately.

  4. Hi! This is Melissa the vegan baker that you met the other week at Mima in Irvington~
    I am very new to blogger, can you tell? Haha, I couldn't figure out a way to message you via this system but I am very excited that I found your blog. I only have two posts but hopefully you'll check out my new and starting vegan blog, Sugar and Spice!


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