Voting Begins for A Chile & A Spoon Contest

A Chile & A Spoon. Check out My Hot Recipe! And Vote for your favorite

As you can see in my last post, I tested an amazing seasonal soup with chilies.  If you enjoy my recipe, here's your chance to help.  The poll is now open, pleas vote here for my Spicy Kabocha & Quince Soup with Thai Flavors.

I had a really fun time testing this recipe so thanks in advance for you support; and I hope you enjoy my recipe as much as I did.

P.S.: To prevent vote fraud, the organizer set the poll to allow only one vote per IP address.  For example, if you work in an office where all users share an IP address, then your entire office will be able to vote only once.  However if you go home and use your home computer then additional vote could be counted.  So vote as often as you want so long as you don't use the same IP address.


  1. good luck to you this dish sounds super tasty -

  2. ACK! That's annoying about the ip addresses, if you work in an office.

    I will vote! I love this recipe.


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