Hello, Good Morning!

It's been a while since I've posted an entry. I have been working on some personal issues specifically in the past year. I haven't spoken about it here as I'm not one who could air my personal matters for the world to know. Even though, we live in a social media obsessed world, I included, we only tend to post things that are happy.  We leave the ugly and unhappiness behind for ourselves to deal with behind closed doors. There are many who are able to talk about their private lives in public without any hesitation, and I admire those people. I admire them for their courage to stand up and tell everyone their business good and bad. I'm not there yet; maybe I'll never get there. Maybe it's part of my culture, I was taught to never air out our dirty laundry. We don't share and discuss how we feel especially in public. Maybe, hopefully, I could share more private things in my blog in the future? I don't know for sure yet.

What I know for sure is that I am grateful for the friends and family that I have who have been there for me. I'm finally starting to live my life fully. I have been able to start traveling, something that I enjoy tremendously, but haven't done in a long time. I'm completely immersed into doing things that I haven't done in a while. I felt like I had been asleep for a very long time, and finally waking up to a whole new world of things that I want to try. New friends I want to make, new places I want to visit, and new recipes I want to test. It's been a great experience to learn how to live again. Some people don't ever get a chance; for that, I'm grateful as I have finally awakened.  So bear with me and stay tune, I hope to be able to share more of me, my recipes and my adventures with you.

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